I started experimenting in the world of photography when I was studying motion picture production in University. My first thought was to learn frame composition with a basic SLR camera for any filming in school. Little did I know that doing a "Photo a Day" project for a year would change my future and what I wanted to do with my life. Learning the basics of photography with "Photo a Day" project for a year, I started to grow into my own.  I enjoyed my growth within photography and the challenges it brought with doing a this project every single single day.
So I took on the challenge again to do another "Photo a Day" project but trying to focus on lighting and building ideas/stories in a frame. I knew the basic, now it was time to take my knowledge to the next level... hungry to learn more. 
After 2 years of doing a photo a day, I needed a change to have  more time to create and develop strong/complex ideas as well  and start to work with clients in my professional career. With doing my first “Photo a Week” project for one year, I learned to plan more and push myself to build more narrative concepts into my photos.
After a few years of doing photo projects I was getting burnt out and couldn’t catch my breath to create bigger ideas since I was always trying not to miss a week or day in the past. So I focused on studying photography with working with photographers, spending hours and hours reading about different artist  in their mediums and how they portray their ideas with a camera or a canvas, I started to draw and write down my ideas.... I had caught my breath with a stronger mindset now.
It eventually became time that I brought my ideas off the page and to plan, plan, plan for the new “Photo a week” project with pushing my limits creatively, technically and physically for this new goal and to be proud of a project that I put my heart into without taking short cuts or easy ways out.

Now I look towards the future with collaborating with clients to create photos that are 
one of a kind.

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